Organic Wild White Sourdough


A true sourdough loaf risen with 64-year-old starter. The Wild White takes its name from the wild yeasts in the sourdough starter. Fermented for 14 hours. Awarded two stars in the 2017 Great taste awards.

White Sourdough Bread is certified organic and a favourite amongst sourdough fans.

A flavour filled crust, a moist and chewy centre, and an irresistible sourdough taste. The White Sourdough Bread is made with 64-year-old Sourdough in a 14 hour process. Once the dough has been prepared to exacting standards, it is portioned and hand moulded and left for its final rise in a Birchwood Proving Basket before being gently placed on the sole of the oven. The oven is immediately steamed to help produce the distinctive crust.


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