The Fruit Box Company


Family run greengrocers
based in Bristol

The fruit box company has evolved from a family run greengrocers based in Bristol called Gloucester Road Fruiterers.
Alistair Biggs joined the family business in the 1980’s working traditional fruit and veg market stalls and most notably were selected and featured on the famous BBC comedy sitcom ‘only fools and horses’.

Alistair has a encyclopaedic knowledge of fruit and has served all sectors of the community from cafes, restaurants and hotels, universities, to schools, universities and market stalls. He has a passion for helping West Country businesses source great local and seasonal produce, and it was whilst he was doing the rounds visiting businesses that he noticed office staff snacking on junk food, and if by chance they were eating fruit, more than likely it was from a supermarket chain which had been in a cold store for months! His philosophy is that of ‘fresh fruit fresh minds’, hence the creation of The Fruit Box company.

Alistair and his family are the very few traditional, English ‘green grocers’ left today. He has over the years seen people of very little experience or knowledge of fruit, run businesses and subsequently give the public a poor service, it is because of this The Fruit Box company has come about, a traditional family of green grocers based in the West Country and not some franchise or head office in London, Manchester or Birmingham.We source when ever possible local produce, work with local growers/farmers who know us personally. We employ local people and deliver fresh fruit to local offices therefore investing in our local community. Your office can also be part of the story investing in our community.

We look forward to meeting and serving you.

Alistair Biggs
(green grocer)